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Sheffield Financial will provide you with Internet icons to use when creating a link to our online application. The provision of these icons is based upon your acceptance of the following:


  • The Sheffield Financial logo and Internet icons are important trademarks and will only be used for the purpose of creating a link

  • The logo and Internet icons are only to be used as provided by Sheffield Financial and will not in anyway be altered, imitated, distorted or animated

  • These Internet icons are to always be an active link to the Sheffield Financial home page (

  • The logo and name Sheffield Financial will be displayed in a positive manner and the website will not disparage the products and services that Sheffield Financial provides

  • All sites linking to the Sheffield Financial website must not contain any content that is illegal, misleading, offensive, or could subject Sheffield Financial to any legal action

  • Sheffield Financial reserves the right to review your use of these Internet icons at anytime and will advise you should you be required to update or alter the use of these icons or link

  • The Sheffield Financial website will not be hyperlinked to other sites or auction sites where our services will be offered for the financing of products sold through the auction site

  • Failure to comply with these provisions will result in cancellation of the link and may result in legal relief being sought — Sheffield Financial also reserves the right to discontinue allowance of the use of the link, logo, or icons at any time


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